Yorkie Carriers – Make sure your Yorkie Travels in Style!

Who wants to put their Yorkie dog in a standard pet carrier? They’re bulky, hard, and ugly. Your poor Yorkie is stuck in a cage, and who really wants that? We don’t, so we carry a wide range of small dog carriers in various colors and styles, so your Yorkie can travel in style!

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If your Yorkie is a girl, or you absolutely love pink, then you’ll love our Pretty in Pink Carrier. It’s a pale, pale pink quilted carrier with black trim and bows, and is one of the largest we carry. There’s a mesh window at one end, so your Yorkie can see out, and you can see in. The interior features a leash hook for safety and a removable carpet for easy cleaning. Large handles on the carrier allow you to carry it over the shoulder, or over the arm.

Have you seen Legally Blonde? Did you love Elle’s carrier for Bruiser? If so, you’re going to love this replica of that famous tote! This beautiful snakeskin design is in bright pink, with golden accents, and has a small outer pocket you can store treats or medicine in. There’s a mesh window on one end so your Yorkie can see out, and get plenty of fresh air, and the inside is animal print, but also features a leash hook and removable carpet. There’s also two different outer panels that can unzip for quick and easy access to your furry companion.

Looking for something a little less pink? Consider this fashionable Santa Monica Pet Carrier! It’s a deep shade of brown, patterned in snakeskin, and has goldn accents. Unlike some pet carriers, this bag has two mesh windows one at either end for the ultimate ventilation and view for your pet. No more worries about your poor Yorkie not being able to see out! Like many of our other carriers there’s a leash hook for safety, and the removable carpet so you can clean it easily.

Lastly, if you want something fashionable, but want it in black, the Monte Carlo Pet carrier is for you. Black snakeskin print with silver accents and studs, this carrier is good looking, and practical. There’s even an outside pocket you can store small toys and treats in! Much like the Legally Blonde tote, this carrier has 2 panels that can be unzipped, giving you immediate access to your Yorkie. And like all our totes, there’s a mesh window for your pet to see out of, a removable carpet for easy cleaning, and a leash hook to keep your furry friend safe while out and about.

We love Yorkies, and we want them to have the safest, most comfortable travel arrangements possible. That’s why we have so many carriers for small dogs, so no matter the Yorkie, they can always travel safe and happy.

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Whoever said you can't buy happiness never had a Yorkie!