Worried your furbaby will get cold? Then check out our huge selection of Yorkie sweaters! These knitted sweaters come in all styles and colours, so you can choose a red and white sweater with snowflakes for the winter, and put your Yorkie in a lovely blue or pink argyle sweater for those first chilly days of spring.

Check out our sweater section in our online store here

If you’re worried all we have is pink and blue sweaters, then don’t fear. We stock several patterns, so if your Yorkie girl is too sassy for pink argyle, she can be stylish in a black and white Houndstooth print. Or, your male Yorkie doesn’t just have to wear a red and black paws and bones pattern, he could wear a stylish Windsor wool instead, or a very manly striped Tartan.

With well over a dozen to choose from, you can keep your Yorkie stylish and warm anytime!

Whoever said you can't buy happiness never had a Yorkie!