Pink Gift Box Set For Your Yorkie Girl

Little girls love being pampered, and just because your Yorkie isn’t a human girl doesn’t mean she’s an exception to the rule. So, pamper her for days with this Precious Girl Luxury Gift Box.

Your lady Yorkie will be the talk of town in her various stylish outfits: pink quilted coat, pink argyle sweater, pink hoodie, “little princess” t shirt, and lovely pink leather collar.

First, there’s the pink quilted coat, which is perfect for all kinds of cold weather. With a super soft fleece lining, and a quilted pink hood, she’ll stay toasty warm, even on cold days. And to ensure the pink isn’t too overwhelming, the bottom of the coat is edged in black, and there’s two darling black buttons sewn onto the faux pockets.

For indoor wear, there’s a cute pink argyle sweater. Argyle has always been considered classy, and for the Yorkie lady on her daily outing, what better thing to wear than something classy? Pair it with the pink collar (listed below, last item), and she’ll be stylish as well as classy.

For those casual days, there’s a sassy pink hoodie for your girl. Made of 100% cotton, this hoodie is perfect for girls who want a little attention, as “Does My Bum Look Big In This?” is printed across the back. And of course, the answer is always no.

For hot days, there’s the hot pink, harness lined t shirt. And, because your Yorkie is a princess, and everyone needs to know, it’s even printed with “little princess” on the shirt. The D ring for the harness is viable just above the printing, but the rest of the harness is hidden underneath.

And last, but certainly not least, is the pink leather collar. And, it’s not just any collar, oh no, that would never do. It’s a lovely pink color, with a bit of sparkle, and has a crystal encrusted buckle. In addition the the crystals on the buckle, there are 3 diamante studded bones affixed to the collar, and a diamante studded bone charm.

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