Yorkie and Traveling

Yorkie and Traveling

For Yorkie lovers, traveling without them isn’t an option and it doesn’t need to be. Yorkie and traveling can go hand in hand because Yorkies are small and typically well behaved. Traveling with them can actually be a lot of fun. By taking them with you you’ll also be keeping them from experiencing separation anxiety by having them boarded while you’re away. When planning a trip with your Yorkie your main considerations should be their health, comfort and safety. If you’re planning an extended trip, you’ll want to take them to your vet for a check up and make sure their shots are up to date. You’ll also want to take their vaccination records along with you just in case you need them while you’re away.

If you are traveling by airplane, a health certificate will be required and don’t forget to pack any necessary medication they may need, along with bottled water and some of the food they normally eat. More importantly, make sure your furry bundle of joy has his identification tag that includes your phone number and rabies tags on their collars in case they get lost.

On the airplane you will need to crate your Yorkie when traveling. These crates come in a wide range of comfortable sizes that you can make even more comfortable by adding their favorite toy, blankets, pillows, and even a snack or two. If you are driving you can either crate your Yorkie or just let them hang out with you, it really depends on the personalities of you and your dog, but Yorkies are known to behave well when traveling.

Once you get to your destination the real fun begins as you and your Yorkie enjoy your vacation environment. If you’re staying in an area that isn’t to overwhelming for you pet, there are a wonderful selection of fun, fashionable harnesses you can use so your Yorkie can have a good time exploring the area with you, and safely. Pet harnesses are an inexpensive way to ensure their safety, and in style, as they come in a wide range of fun patterns from camo, and plaid, to floral and argyle.

If you’re in a crowded area or your Yorkie isn’t up to a long walk, there are many pet carriers that you can purchase that are just as fashionable as a top of the line handbag but much cheaper. These carriers offer plenty of room to easily fit your Yorkie and carry him or her along with you. Yorkies are small enough, and well behaved enough to be comfortably carried anywhere in a pet carrier bag. High quality pet carriers provide plenty of ventilation through built in mesh windows and have viewing panels so they can enjoy their surroundings. In addition, the interior section normally has detachable carpet for easy cleaning. These pet carriers will guarantee that your pet is as safe and comfortable on vacation as you are.

Yorkies are one of the best breeds to travel with and there are a variety of pet products you can purchase to make sure that their travel experiences with you are happy ones. Best of all, you won’t waste time on your trip worrying about your Yorkie if you left them behind. Traveling is truly one of life’s gifts, and now you can do it with the comfort of having your favorite pet right there with you, safe and sound.