Celebrities With Yorkies

Yorkie is generally known as Yorkshire Terrier. Because this cute breed was developed in Yorkshire of United Kingdom. The reason behind the development of this breed was to catch rats in the clothing mills. However, during the time, it became a craze among the celebrities all over the world. Actually, the main reason of the celebrity’s favorite is the small size and portability. The Yorkie is overprotective and active.

The Yorkshire Terrier is generally weights from 3 pounds to 7 pounds. The Yorkie has been holding a Guinness World Record as the world’s smallest dog. They have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years.
The Yorkie was introduced in USA in 1872. In 1885, American Kennel Club(AKC) registered the Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkie has a natural hunting ability, which gives them a special attention human. Even if you like to induct the Yorkie for hunting purpose, they will work intelligently. They actually love companionship with mature and old persons, but they are nervous with the younger person’s companionship. The children are always liked to hold the Yorkie frequently but the children need the training to hold them securely.

There is a chance to slip away the Yorkie from their hands. The Yorkshire Terrier protects your house with great care and sincerity. They are the true house guards. They bark when they feel it necessary when the untoward happening is going to occur. However, one interesting point is that the Yorkie knows about their size, so they never confront the intruder in person rather they alert the owner to intervene. It is a sign of great intelligence. The Yorkshire Terrier is suitable for the indoor of your house. Basically, they are physically weak so you should never induct them for the outside protection of your house. Even the Yorkshire Terrier may make your party gathering with their presence. The reason is that their small size instantly attracts the attention of the party people.

The training for your Yorkie is very much essential because they are difficult to accustom in-home environment. You should always give your Yorkie to socialize with a new environment. As they grow, they will make the new environment more acceptable for their purpose. When you are traveling in car, train or airplane, the Yorkshire Terrier will be a wonderful companion during your journey. The Yorkie will never disturb you during your travel because they always like to enjoy the outside world with their master.

It is better for your Yorkie that you should not give them a lot stress by running with you, rather you may give a small stroll of the walk, and your Yorkie will enjoy it. The grooming for your Yorkie is an essential job for caring your dog. Weekly trimming its coat and grooming its body will keep them fresh. As far as the food is concerned, you can give your dog any type of food, which your dog likes to eat. However, at regular intervals you should give the prescribed dog food, which is full of the nutrition to your Yorkie.

You should be careful about the nutritional food for your dog because the correct nutritional food will build your Yorkie’s body and mind. Before make a suitable nutritional food chart for your dog, you must consider your dog’s age. It is very much important for it. Every six months you should take the weight of your dog. Thrice in a week, you should clean the mouth of your dog, as it will prevent your dog from mouth infection. Never forget to give a vaccination to your dog against the deadly disease like rabbis. Always keep your dog’s house clean and keep watch on its morning activities. Once in a month, take your Yorkie to a veterinary doctor for a regular checkup.
The Yorkie always loves attention.

You will need extra attention to train this breed as it is called as a toy dog. The Yorkie also has a good look. Their coat color is tanned and silky blue, which is perfectly tuned with a silver screen and professional look. For this reason, the celebrities can carry their choice anywhere they like. The Yorkie has a great status value nowadays. The Hollywood is well known for a special love for the Yorkie today. So the most of the Hollywood celebrities have a Yorkie, which is the wonderful companion in their life.

The celebrities with Yorkies are stated below:

Audrey Hepburn had a Yorkie, which is called Mr. Famous. She is the first person who brought the Yorkie to the Hollywood celebrities. After the death of Mr. Famous, she replaced with another Yorkie named Assam of Assam.

Paris Hilton is well known for a bad dog owner, but she also has a Yorkie, which is called Cinderella.

Natalie Portman also adopted a Yorkie from a shelter. It is called Whizz. She is one of the likeable stars of the Hollywood today.

Vanessa William’s Yorkie, Enzo was kidnapped in 2007 from his owner’s garden. However, later he was found through tracing the signal from microchip, which was implanted in Enzo’s shoulder.

When Gisele Bundchen lost her Yorkie, Vida in 2004, she was announced a cash award of $5,000. However, after a couple returned her yorkie to her as she accused them as the dog thieves and denied awarding them instead.

As a male celebrity, Donnie Osmond, he has a Yorkie, Spike. Actually, it is observed that most of the celebrities who keep Yorkie are female but Donnie is an exception.

The female singer, Whitney Houston owns a Yorkie, which is named Doogie.

Missy Elliot’s Yorkie, Poncho, which had appeared in the music video of the Lost Control.

The music singer, Anastasia also owns a Yorkie, which is named Freak.

The tennis player, Venus William owns a Yorkie whose name is Pete. She keeps its name after Pete Sampras.

Molly Sim’s Yorkie whose name is Poupette.

Miranda Kerr’s Yorkie, Frankie who always stays with her and a good friend also.

The name of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s Yorkie is Valentino.