Don’t you love seeing cute little Yorkie girls wearing all kinds of cute doggy dresses? Ever wonder where you can get your Yorkie one?

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We have them! Whether you have a tiny Yorkie or a queenly girl, we have a wide variety of dresses for Yorkies, in several styles. Here’s a small sampling, please visit us to see a wider selection.

Do you call your Yorkie girl your little princess? If so, why not let everyone know with this cute pink princess denim dress. This one piece dress features a pink top with “princess” printed across the back, with a cute pink rose, and an attached denim skirt. The skirt has two tiny faux pockets sewn on, each with frayed edges. To complete the princess look, a cute rhinestone necklace with a good sized heart shaped crystal has been included. To ensure your Yorkie girl is kept safe, the necklace been sewn in place on the dress.

Looking for a more retro design? Then consider the Little Lily Harness dress. With it’s 1960s inspired retro fashion, your Yorkie girl will be the talk of the town. It has a pink rounded collar with white lace edging, a grey and white pinstriped bodice, and a pink skirt with a tiny Yorkie on it. This dress comes with a leash as well, which attaches to a D ring on the collar that’s been sewn firmly in place. For adjustment, there’s double sized and double strength velcro, so your Yorkie girl won’t get all tangled up.

Is your Yorkie less of a princess, and more of the down to earth kind? Does she turn up her nose as frilly collars and cute bows? Then consider this camouflage harness dress! Made of the standard green, brown, and black camo, it has a little gathered skirt. To add femininity, there’s pink trim around the neckline, and pink lace trim down the back and along the edge of the skirt. Also, it’s lined in pink fabric so it will show when she moves. With 2 velcro fastenings to keep it on, and a matching leash, this is an excellent outfit for the less frilly Yorkie girl.

Looking for a skirt only? How about a darling blue denim mini skirt with red gingham belt and matching trim? There’s red gingham on each of the two tiny pockets, and the belt also features a big red bow, also out of gingham. Both skirt and belt have sturdy velcro fastenings, and the best part is they separate! So, if you want to mix it up, you’re not stuck with the belt always attached to the skirt. It’s two looks in one package!

Whether your Yorkie girl is a princess or an army girl, we have a dress for her! Check us out, and see all the different styles we have, because there’s bound to be something that’s a perfect fit.

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